Two days spent developing a concept and strategic plan for a pro-bono activity for the Brands2Life Global Network and bonding with colleagues from all over the world ­– that was the second Brands2Life Global Training. This year Frankfurt played host to the combined training and workshop, with Adel & Link welcoming colleagues from the UK, France, Spain, the Czech Republic and Munich, as well as from as far as the US and Russia, to their office.

We started by exploring different tools for analysis, brand strategy and ideation on day one. The training then moved on to a design sprint process and prototyping sessions during the second day. Splitting the participants into different international teams, they developed two different strategic ideas on how to best promote the tree planting platform Tree-Nation, a pro-bono activity of the Brands2Life Global Network, and presented them to the group and trainer.

Since the overall objective of the training was to provide a motivating experience and a sense of team spirit, we finished day one by taking our guests up to the 56-storey-high Maintower for a nightly view of the skyscrapers of Frankfurt. This was followed by a short walk through Frankfurt’s old town as well as a typically German dinner together with a local specialty: “Apfelwein”, a cider from from Frankfurt.

We really enjoyed welcoming all our international colleagues to Frankfurt to exchange ideas and views on how media relations and communications work across different countries. The workshop highlighted how well we all work together and how we all benefit from our network of entrepreneurial, independent and owner-managed agencies, Brands2Life Global. A big thank you to our colleagues from Brands2Life, Canela, Fabriq Public Relations, Maisberger, Buman Media and EMC PR for joining us in Frankfurt – we are already looking forward to another inspiring Global Training next year!