The beautiful Passeig de Gracia in Barcelona recently saw the inaugural Brands2Life Global Training Summit. Attendees from seven different partner agencies across the Brands2Life Global Network came together for the two-day event, which offered a unique opportunity to network and receive a masterclass on delivering the perfect presentation.

Following a warm welcome from Canela PR Founder Deborah Gray, and an in-depth overview of the network’s inception and current structure from Brands2Life Co-Founder Giles Fraser, attendees embarked on a training session which sought to transform great presenters into phenomenal commanders of the floor. TED Talks eat your heart out!

Focusing on effective openings, vocal and visual delivery, closing with a bang, and dealing with those all-important tricky questions which can topple even the most well-rehearsed of presenters, the group undertook practical tasks to instil techniques for internal and external events. The group was schooled in how to move, pause for effect, and hook an audience with insightful stories – no doubt putting these into practice very soon.

Attendees from the UK, Russia, Spain and Germany also got the chance to discuss the role of communications in each of their territories. Conversations surrounded similarities and differences spanning client work, the evolving media landscape, content formats, storytelling, and creative branding projects.

The Summit highlighted what a huge advantage we have as a Network of entrepreneurial, independent and owner-managed agencies, Brands2Life Global. Our joint philosophy means we can draw on powerful insights for clients from within this ecosystem with ease. We truly understand how to help brands tell a compelling story, and the nuances and variations to make this a success from country to country.

It was great to be able to offer this opportunity to staff from around our network the opportunity to get to know their colleagues and learn together. As the network grows and develop we intend to do many more of these kinds of sessions in the years ahead.