Talk about CES and Mobile World Congress highlights to many of us that a new year is fast approaching. Another key event that many IT executives have in their diary each year is VMworld. This year, on November 3rd a record 13,000+ attendees walked through the doors of the Grand Fira in Barcelona to attend VMworld Europe 2019.

One of the main purposes of VMworld is to act as a platform for the company’s most important and strategic news announcements – from the launch of new products and services to the growth of its large ecosystem of partners and customers.

To ensure all the game-changing news and insights from the event are directed through all the necessary media channels, VMworld has to rely on the collaborative effort of the network of press and analyst relations agencies throughout the EMEA region. This year saw a record 138 journalist and analyst participants (plus 29 agency representatives) from 25 countries in EMEA. As testament to the scale and successful collaboration of the staff behind the comms activity at VMworld Europe 2019, the Brands2Life Global Network managed 120 flights booked in and out of Barcelona, reserved 146 hotel rooms and staffed 100+ spokesperson/partner/customer interviews. Press releases were translated into 18 different languages and pitched to regional media outlets, while journalists took part in over 100 country roundtables, spokesperson 1:1s and topic-driven panel events.

With so many moving parts, the key to the success of VMworld lies in the seamless coordination and cooperation between more than two dozen individual teams in charge of press & analyst relations, event management, travel, housing, and many more. We also had a lot of fun along the way, making friends with our compatriots from across the EMEA region – including our partner agencies such as Maisberger, EMC PR and Shachar MC to name but three – and reaping the benefits of being part of a truly global network that chooses to be in it together. It’s this cohesion that was key to truly making VMworld one of the most successful (and widely spoken about) events of the year.