After initially working with VMware on just its UK remit, Brands2Life proved it could deliver insightful content that was applicable to a wider European market base. VMware wanted to portray itself as much more than a virtualisation business and it was crucial that the messaging was consistent across all of its regions in order to convey this message.


Brands2Life was chosen to handle the multi-agency coordination and act as the central hub for the creation of the marketing content and all social media assets. We are also the principle agency to coordinate VMware’s hugely successful VMworld Europe events, in partnership with our EMEA wide agency network. Working directly with VMware, Brands2Life takes a central role in the distribution and messaging creation across VMware’s target countries.


VMware now has a coordinated messaging approach across 21 countries and regions throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Its messaging and content is created centrally and distributed through a single agency to multiple partners, helping to deliver a unified messaging approach and ensure VMware is no longer considered ‘just a virtualisation provider’. In addition to message dissemination, Brands2Life are also responsible for all agency coordination and reporting structures. VMware is now recording over 3,000 coverage mentions in its tier 1 and 2 national and trade media.