Perhaps the most important conclusion of the Brands2Life Global Summit 2022, hosted by Maisberger in Munich, was that, for now, Covid seems to be over.

After two years of analogue abstinence, many partner agencies from the Brands2Life Global Network were able to meet again in person to discuss new ideas and strategies.

Over the two-day gathering, much of the discussion centred on the experience gained during the pandemic with a big emphasis on the how client relationships have been strengthened. Companies and agencies were in the same boat, and it was great to witness how we all came together in a time of global threat, with many feelingthey emerged as even stronger partners.

Other central topics of the meeting included recruiting and agency culture. These two motifs ran like a thread through the various breakout sessions. It was fascinating to see how much energy and imagination the various agencies approached these tasks. An important observation was that our clients will only be satisfied if the agency culture is right and employees feel comfortable.

Staff creativity is the central motor of agency performance, so organisational approaches must be found that offer creativity sufficient freedom. As agencies we mustn’t shy away from completely new adjustments such as remote working and very flexible working hours.

The Brands2Life Global Network has developed extremely strongly in recent years and we can look back on a number of international pitch wins. The partners of the network took the opportunity in Munich to develop new strategies and to position themselves well for upcoming challenges. Channels such as podcasting and video will play just as important a role as new forms of influencer communications.

We also touched on the topic of internal agency management discussed in detail over a poolside Bavarian barbecue threatened by summer rain. Here’s to more collaboration, creativity and community building, preferably in person from now on.