The Xynteo Exchange connects ideas, talent and capital and fuses them into new growth opportunities that are fit for the future. With the ultimate aim of reinventing growth, the Exchange brings together leaders from the public and private sectors to tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges the world faces today, such as sustainable resources, climate change, ethical finance and world food supplies. Speakers of note in 2018 included former Greek Minister of Finance, Yanis Varoufakis.

We were tasked to generate awareness and top tier coverage among both consumers and businesses.



Together with Brands2Life Global partner agencies in France and Germany – Gootenberg and adel & link – we worked closely with key media contacts to generate interest and secure interviews with key Xynteo spokespeople at the Exchange. We identified the target audiences as business leaders (both established and start-up community), policy makers, public sector decision makers, academics and youth leaders.

Our media outreach programme was built to:

-Secure quality coverage in a range of European media that builds interest and awareness of the Exchange and Europe Delivers
-Grow the audience of the Exchange and augment the reputation of Xynteo, through media and influencer outreach
-Use partners and influencers, including Yara, Mastercard, the City of Oslo, Nordea and Norsk Hydro, to build credibility of the Xynteo Exchange with key audiences
-Build the profile of Xynteo executives



Ten pieces of in-depth, high quality positive coverage, across UK, French and German markets. All pieces featured key messaging and linked to the Xynteo website or events during the Exchange in Oslo.

Xynteo has since expanded its remit across the Brands2Life Global network to include our partner agency in India – Candour Communications – and we have already started to prepare for this year’s Exchange.