Brands2Life was tasked with highlighting Priority Pass as a credible industry leader in travel; showcasing it as an innovator and increasing the global perception of the brand as a trusted partner. While on the surface Priority Pass is a global consumer brand, it also has important B2B relationships with financial companies, organisations in the airport ecosystem and other corporates; we were challenged to create a campaign which targeted both audiences.

We developed an approach that demonstrates Priority Pass understands consumer travel behaviour. The ‘Currency of Experience’ campaign provided Priority Pass with a platform to discuss how consumer spending habits are changing, revealing valuable insights into trends which would also be of interest to corporate partners. We commissioned YouGov research to survey 10,000 consumers in nine markets around the world, engaging with a futurologist to provide third party analysis on the findings too. We worked with four Brands2Life Global partner agencies – Candour (India), Buman Media (Russia), Blackie McDonald (Australia) and Sherlock Communications (Mexico), as well as Brands2Life US – to support the launch of the ‘Currency of Experience’ campaign in local markets. With Brands2Life UK as the global hub, we produced campaign toolkits which included launch and amplification content which teams could localise for their regions and media.

In addition to securing top tier media coverage across national, business, travel and finance media, we were also tasked with creating additional assets including email marketing mailers, social cards and infographics which could be used and adapted by Priority Pass’ regional heads to generate further conversation around the campaign. The campaign was also used to develop presentations for sales and account management teams around the world to use in meetings to showcase Priority Pass’ in-depth understanding of customers.


Globally, we generated over 153 pieces of coverage which spanned our target media and generated a reach of over 971 million. The insights and content we created were tailored for specific markets, helping to create cohesive messaging around the world and also support broader business units beyond PR and marketing, such as sales and partner teams. Priority Pass’ partners, including well-known payments networks, commented how insightful they thought the campaign was and wanted to incorporate the findings into their own material. Since the campaign, Collinson, owner of Priority Pass, has launched retainers with Candour and Sherlock Communications to support PR in key markets in LatAm and India.