The global media landscape is in a state of flux, with new technologies and innovations emerging at a more rapid rate than ever before. In the digital age, media and the consumption habits associated with them, are constantly being disrupted. As such, it was crucial for Red Bull Media House to understand evolving media consumption behaviours and preferences in order to better inform strategies which they can develop to stay at the forefront of the media production industry.


Brands2Life was tasked with conducting in-depth research into global and regional media consumption behaviours and trends, with a focus on the millennial audience. The project was led from our London office through our Insights & Planning team. Data was collected using a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods and resources, such as industry expertise, market intelligence tools, desk research, consumer lifestyle reports and comms and media expert interviews. The Brands2Life Global Network provided data from France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, India, Russia and the US which was then analysed by Brands2Life’s team of planners in London.


We delivered three reports as part of this comprehensive look at media consumption across the globe, including “The State of the Media”, “Media Trends in 2016” and “Insights into Journalists and Regional Media Houses” looking at how content is distributed through media organisations. The data we analysed provided RBMH with valuable knowledge to help them remain at the cutting edge of their industry ahead of their 2017 planning cycle.