Qlik wanted more brand awareness in Europe among a wider business audience, demonstrating its software can go beyond technical analysis. The campaign also had to resonate across eight European countries, not just the UK, so we needed to create content on a topical subject that all countries could use within their own traditional and digital communications.


The in/out EU debate is rife within the UK as well as other member states, begging the question ‘what is Europe?’ and ‘what makes us European?’. We knew the right analysis with Qlik’s software could help us find out, giving it a voice on a pertinent, mainstream issue. We showed Qlik can provide insights on mainstream topics and also align multiple countries on one issue. Additionally, we gave Qlik a cost-effective way of inserting itself into an existing emotional debate – BREXIT – to influence wider business audiences and showcase its own software capabilities at the same time.


The campaign helped drive an increase across marketing in-bound requests across the UK, Iberia and Italy. On social we reached more than 1.5 million with 1,000 shares on Twitter coming from an article posted by The Daily Telegraph alone. The campaign also generated 70 pieces of coverage across Europe and our dedicated microsite had 30,000 page views during the campaign.

The campaign has since gone on to win a SABRE EMEA IN2 award for Best Brand Digital Platform and nominated for Best Pan-European Campaign.